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Archive / Session#1 13 Nov. 2021
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In 13 November 2021, the day of the first session of E-Uroboros, 5 artists from Poland, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Egypt started to collaborate at the same time and handled to make “square in square” by using global video feedback system. Each participant utilized their own camera and monitor, microphone and speaker to generate visual and sound to the next participants, however those information finally returned to originator after few minutes. Thus whole session showed control and out of control in a rivalry through telecommunication system which became much familiar for us under COVID19 situation.

Set list
Filip- (3).jpg
Filip- (4).jpg
Filip- (5).jpg

Filip Gabriel Pudło

Filip- (1).jpg

Yamaha C3 grand piano, Lenovo ThinkPad, SPC gear SM900 microphone, Fomei LED mini RGB lightning, JBL flip 4, monitors. and Twitch Studio.

Tasman- (1).jpg
Tasman- (3).jpg
Tasman- (2).jpg
Tasman- (4).jpg

Tasman Richardson

Ken_IMG_2001 (48).JPG
Ken_IMG_2001 (13).JPG
Ken_IMG_2001 (60).JPG
Ken_IMG_2001 (59).JPG
Ken_IMG_2001 (67).JPG

Kentaro Taki

Canon XA-20, Sony-ECM959, Kawai Rev Mix, Sharp TV monitor, self build windows PC x2, Greenback, Twitch studio.

Siew-wai (3).jpg
Siew-wai (2).jpg
Siew-wai (1).jpg

Siew-wai Kok

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, HP ProBook 440 G5, MacBook Pro M1 3, ONYX Producer 2-2, sE Electronics sE2200A II C Cardiod-Condenser mic, Mini mobile lens, Twitch studio.

Allam- (10).jpg

Mohamed Allam

Allam- (9).jpg
Allam- (7).jpg
Allam- (4).jpg

Light and sound toys, Sony camcorder, smartphone, lavalier mic, LENOVO G500 laptop, PC, USB Capture card, Twitch Studio

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