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Kok Siew Wai_Photo by Sebastien Gesell.jpg
Siew-Wai KOK

From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, KOK Siew-Wai started out as a video artist, now active as a vocal improviser and artist-curator/organizer. She has shown her works, curatorial video programmes and performed in Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada and USA, including allEars Improvised Music Festival (Norway), Asian Meeting Festival (Japan), Image Forum Festival (Japan), Singapore International Film Festival amongst others. She is the co-founder of the Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music Festival (KLEX).She's currently teaching at the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University, Malaysia.


Filip Gabriel Pudło

An academic of The Film School in Łódź at Cinematography and Television Production Department. Graduated from Warsaw University of Technology and The Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Łódź. He makes video artworks and programs installations: generative art, Internet art, immersive AV experiences, virtual productions. An author of the monograph “Bruszewski. Generative art” devoted to generative art pioneer in Poland and articles related to permutation & generative art in film. He lives and works in Warsaw and Łódź.


Mohamed Allam

Born in Assiut (Egypt) in 1984, Allam studied at the Arts Education Faculty of Helwan University in Cairo. Allam lives and works in Cairo using different mediums such as video, performance and sound. He is interested in different forms of performativity, as he playfully creates narratives and intervenes with existing ones. His work also explores relationships between humans and objects, and the physical environment and context that brings them both together.He has participated as an artist in numerous events since 2003. Allam is also concerned with art management and has participated in organizing several art events in Cairo. He is a co founder of the Cairo-based artist initiative ” Medrar for Contemporary Art ” which aims at the promotion of contemporary artistic practices of young artists in Egypt.


Tasman Richardson

Tasman Richardson has exhibited extensively internationally. His primary practice consists of video collage using the JAWA method (The technique he pioneered in 1996), fully immersive media installations (Kali Yuga, Arsenal Contemporary, Montreal 2019, Toronto 2021), and live a/v performances (Singapore Art Week 2021). His themes to date have been a critical response to recordings which he dubbed "contemporary necromancy", social media as a "voluntary surveillance state" and our mediated relationships with memory. 


Kentaro Taki

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1973. Recent exhibitions and projects as "Les Instant Video:50 ANS D'ARTS VIDEO," Marseille, France, 2013, "Videoart Promenade in Asagaya,” Asagaya, Tokyo, 2015, "Regeneration Rethinking Technology in the Digital Age,” Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan, 2016, "Rendezvous in Syndro-polis: Open studio,” Tokyo Wonder Site Berlin in Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany, 2016, "The 5th Cairo International Videoart Festival," Medrar, Cairo, Egypt, 2017,  “Very Sustainable Environmental Revelation,” MOCA Yinchuan, Yinchuan, China, 2017, "Kyoto International Film Festival," ex-Jyupu Elementary School, Kyoto, Japan, 2018,  "A Land of Happiness," Treasure Hill, Taiwan Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan, 2019, “Scopophilia Machines,”solo show, MORIYU GALLERY, Kyoto, 2020, etc. 

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