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VCTokyo takes part in Proyector: PLATAFORMA DE VIDEOARTE  2019 (11-22 Sep. 2109) n Madrid, Spain. 

screening date: 15 Sep. 2019, 17:00-

5 videoartists who mainly work on single channel video, video performance, video installation, take part in this program. They are from so-called "Y generation", never daunted their spirit to criticize today's technology, society and culture.

list of work


In the Twinkling of an Eye
2013, 5’15”


Here, Video will be chopped off and re-presented. All the fragments of the moment of the video and audio are perceived at the same period of the time. Through the logical perception of the video, present the limitations of human perception and its possibilities to expand.


Caesura 2019, 9’58”

Caesura is a break or a pause in a metric line. One theory of the tragedy says that a caesura exists at the turning point in between catastrophe and catharsis, and induces a big shift in the storyline. This is a work that applies the structure of the tragedy to the modern-contemporary history of men and art in attempt to make today function as a caesura by using some videos of men and women.


Nest 2019, 3’14”
Kentaro TAKI

The big city like Tokyo is superficially changing, and those changes have ambiguity. For example acceleration of capitalism makes contempt of democratic activities under market discipline.


Wearing You:Bar Drama vol.4 2016, 6’30”
Sung Nam HAN

This piece was performed as multimedia audio visual art performance in September 2015. It is edited and mixed to focus on performer’s details such as behavior, voice, body etc. and then reborn a new video art work.


Video Feedback Aleatoric no.1 2011, 3’19”
Masayuki KAWAI

Using analogue video feedback only. No PC nor musical instrument used. Low-definition for preview only.

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