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How to buy VCT products

Please send fillout the following information and send us the form to the following address.


Products are also available in shops and stores in Japan.

Name on charge:    Mailing Address   
e-mail address

Number of Products
title: Harun Farocki "Images of the World and the Inscription of War"+ "War at a Distance" DVD 4320yen( x ?
title:"KIKAIDE MIRUKOTO -the Pioneers of Japanese Videoarts-" Blu-ray, 3990yen( x ?
title"JAPANESE VIDEO ART 2011  The Mode of Visual Philosophy vol. 01"DVD,  2940yen( x ?
title"Kami e no michi/ La voie des dieux" by Maurice Lemaitre DVD, 2940yen( x ?
title"Le film est déjà commencé?" by Maurice Lemaitre DVD, 2940yen(  x ?
title:"L’Empire des Signifiants"  DVD,   3990 yen(  x ?
title:"Vidiot in Contemplation" DVD,    3990 yen(  x ?   
and other item.. titile(                              )

Need Receipt?    Yes / No  
(Name on receipt if Yes:)

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